Level Reading Maintenance

Level Reading Maintenance

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Now that you have your PTLevel setup, you’re probably wondering what to do over time in order to maintain the device and it’s readings. There’s really not much to do, but as with everything, a little bit of maintenance goes a long ways.


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Once every three months or seasonally we suggest that you pull the tubing and weight out of the tank. Let it drain for a second or two and give it a quick inspection. If you have a clear tube, check to see if there is any water or moisture in it. If there is, please see this article: https://ptlevel.com/blog/kb/low-readings/. Then just simply drop the weight back into the tank.

If you have the Wireless PTLevel, just be sure to press on the “Connect” button on the transmitter to get the latest reading. Calibrate if desired: https://ptlevel.com/blog/kb/wireless_calibration_procedure/.

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If you have the Wired PTLevel, just check the reading online and calibrate if desired: https://ptlevel.com/blog/kb/wireless_calibration_procedure/.

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