Sharing or Embedding your Level Publicly

Sharing or Embedding your Level Publicly

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Want others to see what the level is at but not have to log into your account?

With the premium account, you can now share your level without anyone logging into your account. You can even embed the level on your own website.

This is a premium account feature.

How to Set it up

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Log into your account at You should see your level(s) on your dashboard upon successfully logging in. Click the “Features” button or the “Please Setup” button on the level that you would like to share.

Once you are on the features page, select the “Share” tab.

Turn on the “Allow public sharing of this device” switch to enable the use of public sharing.

You’ll now see a link that you can use to share your specific level. You can click on or copy that link. Also, you’ll see some suggested embed codes for two different views. One view will show the same object as the link share, and the other will show only the level. Simply put that code any place on your website to allow your visitors to view your level any time, any where.

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